What you’ll do Enjoy a truly unique experience in Europe Explore the Desert of Gorafe with a small group tour Relax atop an e-bike as you get to know the region Live an experience designed for your senses, a journey through time and history. This tour route runs through the ancient seabed of the Mediterranean...


Veleta Pick Tour

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What you’ll do After picking you up from your accommodation or meeting point in Granada, the car will take you to “La Hoya de La Mora” in 2500 meters of elevation. This is the limit for cars, as beyond this point, just hikers and bikers are allowed to take the road to the summit of...


What you’ll do Cycle down from the high peaks of Sierra Nevada National Park Look for local wildlife, including agile mountain goats See the summit of Mulhacén, the highest mountain on the Iberian Peninsula Benefit from the services of an informative and friendly guide Reconnect with nature on an amazing e-bike tour of the Sierra...

BikeTour Granada

Bike Tour Granada is a Granada company specialized in excursions around the province, we discover together with our clients the nature of the environment, the history and the gastronomy.


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Email: info@biketourgranada.com

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BikeTour Granada

Bike Tour Granada es una empresa granadina especializada en la realización de excursiones por la provincia, descubrimos junto a nuestros clientes la naturaleza del entorno, la historia y la gastronomía.


BikeTour Granada has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to promote research, technological development and innovation, and thanks to which it has prepared a study of service improvements to support the creation and consolidation of innovative companies. 03/02/2022 For this, it has had the support of the InnoCámaras Program of the Granada Chamber of Commerce.